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O Thou Swift Thy Feet

You are viewing a Custom Painted Pony by Khw called "O THOU, Swift thy Feet" (see the Pony Prayer below). This custom pony is a Black Overo.... and is an original, signed by the artist (KHW) on both the small card (Trail of painted Ponies) and on the underside of Swift's Base. He (Swift) is the only edition (1 of 1) but he is also The First of 25 Ponies in this Series of : Horse Types (Color or Breed). He is Khw's Seventh Pony offering overall, and will likely go up in value because her work is improving. This Pony Figurine measures 6.5 inches Tall X 8.5" Long. This pony has not been airbrushed, but painstakingly hand brushed over and over, to attain this realistic pinto look. This was Kelly's first attempt at a pinto and she says that they have become a favorite now & there will be more pintos in her future. Even though Swift is seemingly Black and took 8 colors of paint to acheive his Coat and 3 colors for his Base. She did not seal him... because she didn't want him to shine. He looks more authentic with the brush marks and true color. Swift is wearing a chest plate made of an Buffalo/Indianhead Nickel set atop a Black Liner. It is held in place by black cylinder beads ending in an Onyx stone at his withers. His headstall is simple with turquoise stone beads and silver feathers/leaves. On the side of the headstall is a silver ring with 2 colorful icicles draping down, his rewards for 2 wounds suffered. His deep Rust colored Back Pad has an amulet made of bone. Atop the amulet is a single sterling "Wing" in Flight, to honor the Great Spirit that helps this Pony run. On the other side of the ultrasuede pad is a painted-on silver pony running. This pony has 2 red spots on it to signify that he has been wounded twice in battle and being blessed, he survived by outrunning his enemies & carried his Master to a place of safety. Below the silver horse is 5 rows of handstrung beads in Black & White symbolizing the rare Black Overo Pinto. There is exactly "5" rows of beads.. to symbolize 5="Grace" of Thy Mighty Spirit. There is fringe below with more little silver feathers/leaves. Over his back & across his hind quarters is real feathers with larger onyx beads at the base of each. His back pad ties underneath. The Chest Plate, the Ultrasuede Back Pad, and the Halter can all be removed at will. A letter of information/explanation into future ponies and a COA will accompany each pony purchased. Kelly appreciates each and every one of you that looked at her pony....... and hopes you all have a special equine Pal in your life!


This Pony's Prayer:
O Thou!  swift thy feet
Make me fleet for the big hunt
Make me humble enough to sense my Master’s needs
Make me sure when the ground is rocky
Make me strong to carry the heaviest of burdens
Make me courageous in times of War
Make me fierce when the battle is terrible
Make me fearless in the face of impending doom
Make me loyal despite the painful wounds
Make me obedient even unto death
Above all… O Thou! Swift thy feet
That I may always return my Master safely home.

The Black Overo:
An Overo Paint Horse is different from Tobiano Paint Horse in that the white markings of an overo horse do not cross the topline. Instead, they appear to begin at the belly and spread upward. White legs are not as common in the overo as they are in the tobiano, and there is often a great deal of white on the face. The horse in the photo is a Black Overo. Note the lack of white crossing the topline and the large amount of white on the face & body. These are all hallmarks of the overo. Blue eyes are also common in overos, while tobianos usually have brown eyes. DNA : Overo is a pinto pattern caused by the dominant gene O. Overo was formerly thought to be recessive, but statistic analysis of the offspring of overo horses has proven it to be a dominant. Like roan, homozygous OO overo is a lethal; foals who inherit an O gene from each parent usually die in utero or shortly after birth. So almost all overos are heterozygous Oo, with oo horses being non-overo.




Price: $299.00

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