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Q: How did The Castlemaster Website come into existence?

A: Thoughts of designing & creating this website have been in existence as long as khw has been an artist and there has been an internet. The final catalyst that finally motivated her to act was 3 fold: In January 2006 she saw the astounding 3 month old colt who was to become the CastleMaster. Then, in the fall of this same year, she met a hardworking & very talented website designer: Heath McKenzie. Last, but not least, the final factor in this trinity was her love for a camp just north of her location in North Carolina called: Victory Junction Gang Camp. This wonderful camp opened its doors in June 2004 for chronically ill children everywhere.


Q: What is the purpose of combining the Studio with the Show Stallion on the same site?

A: Initially, it was so CastleMaster (the Stallion) could be shared with the world as he grows, prospers & becomes known as a show horse & a good citizen. Just join us in Hollering: a-BIG-YEAH! for LIVE horsepower! Who doesn’t love Horsepower? Secondly, to shed as much light on the Victory Junction Gang Camp as possible to horse people of all persuasions. Lastly, that the Artwork & website might promote & provide some revenue for both the camp & CastleMaster. We have hopes of selling Tee-shirts of Castlemaster promoting the camp at some point in time. ALL proceeds for Tees will be given to Victory Camp.


Q: What is the Victory Junction Gang Camp?

A: In the Petty Family’s own words: The Victory Junction Gang Camp enriches the lives of children 7-15 with chronic medical conditions or serious illnesses by providing life-changing camping experiences that are exciting, fun, and empowering, in a safe and medically sound environment.
Beyond this, let me encourage you to visit their site and see for yourself! We are Americans!! Get involved!


Q: What is the current plan for CastleMaster, the young horse?

A: He is now 2 years old (Jan 08) and is being fitted out to attend AQHA Shows in halter class competition hopefully by fall of 2008. His diverse show schedule & additional photos will be posted here. With a blessing from God and your prayers, he may visit your state to show. we sincerely hope you will attend and watch him! Beyond the Show Ring: it is paramount that CastleMaster be a GOOD Citizen aside from being a young vibrant Stallion of fabulous ancestry. He is being taught to be gentle with people of all ages and a social Gentleman. Performance-wise, He is willing to have a saddle on his back to be ridden, which is generally taboo for top class Halter Horses. When you Combine CastleMaster’s excellent breeding with a kind & firm hand from his trainer Joe…CastleMaster is destined to become a top Stallion in the Pasture/Show ring and an ambassador of goodwill in public for all to share. As he grows, Joe has a myriad of teaching experiences to round out CastleMaster’s personality. Joe is a talented horse-Whisperer who has not ever met a stranger. Be sure to give joe a hearty “HEY Joe” & a thumbs up if you see him showing CastleMaster at the AQHA shows!


Q: What Direction will the Studio take ? Will it be up to CastleMaster to set the pace?

A. Kate will continue to draw and do Equine figurines & possibly draw some racehorses. Several portraits of CastleMaster are also planned. After which, prints of him will be available at a reasonable price. We sincerely hope you will share him with us and follow CastleMaster growth & development in his life & career. It’s going to be exciting. Bookmark him~ The LIVE Horsepower!


Q: Can I copy photos of CastleMaster from your site?

A: Yes, as long as they are not used for monetary sales or Gain, or to profit in anything illegal or used in any obscene, irreverent or ungodly Fashion. We encourage you to enjoy him with us! We will try to update CastleMaster’s photos & progress as often as possible for those of you that cannot join us live at the shows.


Q: Can I get a custom Equine Figurine done from the Studio?

A: Possibly…but it depends on the time of year. Contact us and explain your situation. Custom Ponies start @ $250.







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